hello summer 2011!


i have changed my theme – which means i am visiting this blog again, but i still have not sat down with enough time to learn how to use it all.

still intend to do so. soon.  just touching base now.

more soon.



Move to WordPress


having not used my Windows Live Spaces blog for ages and ages, i have now migrated to WordPress.  it may take some time to learn how to use it, and all photos i had on the old blog have not come along too, so i will start again.


when i discover all WordPress tricks.


idling away a morning because it is saturday and have to remember that i dont really have to do much.  i listened to bits of Saturday Live this morning, and i missed the name of one of the inheritance tracks but wish i hadnt because it was really unusual, and lovely.  the lesbian woman talking said that she and her partner had adopted a child and now she had grown up, and how they had gone through such a lot – first to adopt her, and then while she was growing up having been through such crap times already in her young life, coping with the effect of that.  i was quite teary and moved by it.  looking at the SL website on bbc, i discovered back in december there had been a thing about a woman who was a foundling.  and there are messages etc about adoption, and one woman wrote about how her child had been adopted in the 70s when it was still taboo to be single mum and how her child was not unwanted at all, and its a mistake to think that adopted kids are ‘unwanted’.  i am so glad someone said this.  i had a child adopted in 1969 and i have never forgotten him, never got over losing him, its always with me the whole thing – where is he, is he still alive, is he happy, would he hate me, would he understand, i would love to see him and i am scared of seeing him because he might not understand and he might be disappointed.
my little brothers are also adopted by my parents when i was 7 ish.  their mothers adored them, were heartbroken at being made to give them up.  my mother was heartbroken at their heartbreak.  but it made her more determined to try to give the boys a good life.  i adored my little brothers to bits. i still adore them to bits. if they ever wanted to find their real mothers i would help if they wanted.
also i wanted to say, i like Saturday Live, but i am still getting over the loss of John Peel, i cant help it, i still miss him and i didnt even know him, he was just someone who was ‘about’ and then when he did his saturday slot that was just brilliant, he was brilliant in only the way he could be.  i mean he was a one off, and special and we were very lucky to have him. but i wish he was still here.

out and about

laptop still in hospital, so in a cafe.  an old pal suggested recently we registered for tickets to Glastonbury! only means that you have a chance of getting a ticket when the time comes, not that you will get one – anyway personally way too expensive, but i did register just in case some money fell my way just in time, and it would be such a gas to go never having been back since 1971.  cant try to upload photos as dont have any on my memory stick. thought of things to write earlier, now that am at the computer i cant remember them. always happens to me!  so annoying. one day a computer will be invented that just writes straight from your head when you thing ‘save this’ or ‘type this’.  what a shame.
anyway half hour up so have to go.

Glastonbury 1971 & Joni

tidying up and stretching more paper in my studio, fed up with listening or half listening to the radio, dig out the box of tapes and cds, and come across some Joni Mitchell tapes & cds, playing Taming The Tiger and discovering an old friend.  so long since i have worked much in the studio and have consequently been out of touch with a lot of my music to the extent that i almost forgot what it was.  funnily enough there was an article in the paper the other day about Joni; aparently a musical to be made about her.  i shall never forget the first time i ever heard her.  we were on our way to Glastonbury in the summer of 1971.  we had stopped off at Leicester visiting friends who were coming down too.  at night lying on the floor .. someone put on this magical music.  it was Blue.  that was it, Joni has accompanied me ever since – unbeknowns to her.  obviously.  we sort of grew up together, and i often imagine her in her life as an artist and musician, poetess, the different musicians who have played with her.  and she had a baby when she was young who was adopted.  and wrote a song about it. 
i dont suppose i will be able to upload pics, but will try yet again.

a day away

sunny again today.  J and i are off to Fountainhall today (soon) to visit friends and to remember a friend who has died – who once lived there.  i lived there in ’80’s and thats where i knew the friend best really.  so a sad gathering, but a gathering – which is what is a good thing about it.  i never met his partner but hear how she was the love of his life and knowing him i can believe that.  when this friend touched your life you never forgot it – he turned even walking down the road into an adventure; life into adventures.  the best christmas i ever had as a grown up was at Fountainhall with my then husband and this friend!  we were snowed in, had no tv then and it was magic.  life goes on and various life events happened to us all, taking us in different directions, and so i am not one of the people who knew him best or longest, but that is the nature of the man that you feel his going so. 
RIP dear Richard, we will gather today at Fountainhall to remember you both there as well as having been remembered in other parts of Scotland.