confused butterfly

it is sunny today.  the window is open.  earlier i had to rescue yet another butterfly from my bathroom.  i dont know what they are doing at this time of year, or why they seem to like my bathroom – must be the weather.  a few weeks ago another one was in the bathroom while i was trying to have a bath.  three times it flew into the bath – three times i had to rescue it and put it on a towel to dry off but it just flew back in again, until i had to get out of the bath and get it into another room.  today i just put it out the front window where it flew off.  it is not exactly rural here.  still, you have to trust they know roughly whats best for them, even if the weather is confusing them rather a lot.    after all we have to trust we roughly know whats best for us and there are millions of things to be confused about.

About simpsonpavilion

I am a woman who had a ‘birth loss’ at Simpson’s and I realised the building was the only ‘marker’ I had for my lost son. I took a few small videos with my then new digital camera before the building was demolished.

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