a day away

sunny again today.  J and i are off to Fountainhall today (soon) to visit friends and to remember a friend who has died – who once lived there.  i lived there in ’80’s and thats where i knew the friend best really.  so a sad gathering, but a gathering – which is what is a good thing about it.  i never met his partner but hear how she was the love of his life and knowing him i can believe that.  when this friend touched your life you never forgot it – he turned even walking down the road into an adventure; life into adventures.  the best christmas i ever had as a grown up was at Fountainhall with my then husband and this friend!  we were snowed in, had no tv then and it was magic.  life goes on and various life events happened to us all, taking us in different directions, and so i am not one of the people who knew him best or longest, but that is the nature of the man that you feel his going so. 
RIP dear Richard, we will gather today at Fountainhall to remember you both there as well as having been remembered in other parts of Scotland. 

About simpsonpavilion

I am a woman who had a ‘birth loss’ at Simpson’s and I realised the building was the only ‘marker’ I had for my lost son. I took a few small videos with my then new digital camera before the building was demolished.

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