Glastonbury 1971 & Joni

tidying up and stretching more paper in my studio, fed up with listening or half listening to the radio, dig out the box of tapes and cds, and come across some Joni Mitchell tapes & cds, playing Taming The Tiger and discovering an old friend.  so long since i have worked much in the studio and have consequently been out of touch with a lot of my music to the extent that i almost forgot what it was.  funnily enough there was an article in the paper the other day about Joni; aparently a musical to be made about her.  i shall never forget the first time i ever heard her.  we were on our way to Glastonbury in the summer of 1971.  we had stopped off at Leicester visiting friends who were coming down too.  at night lying on the floor .. someone put on this magical music.  it was Blue.  that was it, Joni has accompanied me ever since – unbeknowns to her.  obviously.  we sort of grew up together, and i often imagine her in her life as an artist and musician, poetess, the different musicians who have played with her.  and she had a baby when she was young who was adopted.  and wrote a song about it. 
i dont suppose i will be able to upload pics, but will try yet again.

About simpsonpavilion

I am a woman who had a ‘birth loss’ at Simpson’s and I realised the building was the only ‘marker’ I had for my lost son. I took a few small videos with my then new digital camera before the building was demolished.

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