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laptop still in hospital, so in a cafe.  an old pal suggested recently we registered for tickets to Glastonbury! only means that you have a chance of getting a ticket when the time comes, not that you will get one – anyway personally way too expensive, but i did register just in case some money fell my way just in time, and it would be such a gas to go never having been back since 1971.  cant try to upload photos as dont have any on my memory stick. thought of things to write earlier, now that am at the computer i cant remember them. always happens to me!  so annoying. one day a computer will be invented that just writes straight from your head when you thing ‘save this’ or ‘type this’.  what a shame.
anyway half hour up so have to go.

About simpsonpavilion

I am a woman who had a ‘birth loss’ at Simpson’s and I realised the building was the only ‘marker’ I had for my lost son. I took a few small videos with my then new digital camera before the building was demolished.

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